Open cell provides a flexible insulation that blocks air, comes in a variety of R-values, and offers noise control in your home. Open cell is less expensive than closed cell. There are times when open cell make sense, such as when thickness is important or when a high R-value is less important.

The benefits of using open cell

1) Superior Radiant heat barrier in roof system

2) More economical than closed-cell

3) Is easier to apply and trim 

3) Water vapor can pass through, which is very important in hot and humid locations.


Here's how various depths of insulation correspond to R-values:

  • 1 inch thick - R-value of 3.8
  • 3.5 inches thick - R-value of 13
  • 5.5 inches thick - R-19

Open cell works best in interior walls, knee walls, and the floor of a vented attic.